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Tibetan Healing 

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Tibetan Medicine & Healing Work

Cos Samaya Stephanides

Tibetan medicine is a complete medical system and one of the oldest surviving forms of medicine.

It traces it’s origins to medical practises from China, India, Persia and Greece along with ancient Bon and is called gSo-ba rig-pa - or the science of healing.

Tibetan medicine seeks to keep a balance between the three principal energies of the body: Loong or mobility, MKhris-pa or heat, and Bad-Kan or digestion and body fluids.

Tibetan medicine uses various forms of diagnosis to ascertain imbalance and treatment options. These include, Urinalysis, Pulse reading, tongue diagnosis, visual observation, and questioning.

When taking treatment the patient often assumes it is the sole responsibility of the physician to cure them, however this is not the case it is a team effort. After diagnosis the patient is offered advice and herbs as well as exercises and meditations.

This is where I may be able to help by offering advice on diet, the use of herbs, acupressure, exercises and guided meditation in order to help your body to heal. Along with physical healing the heart and mind often heal too, the relationship between all three - the body, heart and mind - being continually intertwined and interdependent.

Recently qualified with the British School of Yoga and awarded The Professional BSY Tibetan Medicine Diploma, and with 'Lamrim Chenmo' and 'Foundation of Buddhist Thought' qualifications from the Jamyang Institute in London my help has a foundation and basis in practice stretching back 2500 years. Along with 35 years experience in meditation and tai-chi I feel confident that I can contribute to the alleviation of your suffering.

Consultations in Norwich

I offer one-to-one consultations at my home in Sprowston, Norwich. I have a treatment room which also doubles as a practice room for tai-chi and meditation.

The consultations are all undertaken fully clothed - although you may need to remove long sleeved tops in order for your pulses to be taken, or your shoes in order to do some simple exercises. Seated exercises can be offered if you are not able to do standing ones.

Fees start at £35 for one hour. Any herbs recommended can be order via me at additional cost, or you can obtain them yourself. These are charged at cost price with no added fees.

I am available to do home visits if you are unable to travel, so please ask for more info.

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